Choose Your Delivery Method

Automatic Delivery
The automatic delivery option is the best choice to guarantee that you will have the propane you need.

Most customers choose this method of delivery since it ensures efficient service.

We offer a budget program for those customers on automatic delivery. Call our office for details.

We calculate what your usage should be — based on the science of local weather conditions and the appliances you have in your home.

Get our Consumer Information Sheet or Commercial/Industrial Information Sheet. The information on these application forms is used to apply for our automatic delivery option.

Will-Call Delivery
This type of account is where it is the customer’s responsibility to call the office to schedule a gas delivery to fill the tank.

Some customers choose this method because they can control when deliveries are made. This is not always the most efficient or predictable method to receive the propane to your home.

Typically, we require 3-5 business days to make this delivery. It is possible that you may run out of gas in that time (if the weather is exceptionally cold or if the appliance is used more than usual).

If you call and request an immediate fuel delivery after hours, you may be charged a special trip fee for this service.