Grill Boxes – What Are They?

No More Lifting Heavy 20 lb BBQ Cylinders

Do you use a grill to cook outside during the summer? Do you have 2 or 3 cylinders in your yard—just in case one goes empty? Now there’s no need to hike them anywhere for a fill. Let the grill run off your own propane tank with a grill box!

A grill box works off of your pre-existing propane tank to provide continuous fuel to your gas grill or other propane appliance. It is a permanent installation with the option of shutting off your appliance or disconnecting it for the winter. Grill boxes come in a variety of colors (black, white, grey and ivory) as well as 2 sizes (single port and double port).

grill box

How does a grill box work? Are there any requirements to install the box?

The grill box feeds directly from your pre-existing propane tank. The box also provides you with another direct shutoff to your appliance in case of trouble. The optional extension hose comes in 2 lengths, 60 inch or 120 inch lengths.

The customer must decide where a permanent LP hookup is required. This can be the side of a house or shed. We will work with you to determine the best placement of your box in relation to your patio space and storage tank. It does not matter if you have above ground or below ground propane tank.

Advantages of a Grillbox

No more lifting those heavy 20lb cylinders, no more waiting for cylinders to be filled, no more returns or swapouts at the exchange stations.

Cost of Installation

Our consultation and estimate is free. The cost of installation will depend on the box selected, current tank size and how much permanent piping is required. Let our professional technicians install your grill box as the manufacturer recommends. As with other propane appliances, your installation will be done according to the New York State gas code – making it the safest installation possible.

EMAIL or call 845-452-8400 for more details. A grill box could be the perfect addition to your outdoor patio space.