Out of Gas?

Who really wants to be out of gas?

You’ve learned to keep a close eye on your car’s gas gauge. You watch the gauge and fill your tank to avoid being stranded. Running out of gasoline is not just an inconvenience, it could place you and your family at risk. Just like your vehicle’s gas tank, you should also keep watch on the gauge on your propane tank at home.

Did you know?

The New York state has adopted the National Fire Protection Association’s requirements regarding out-of-gas situations. These regulations require anyone delivering propane to an out-of-gas customer or new customer to perform a complete system check.

This leak or safety check includes an inspection of all lines, appliances, regulators and control valves. A thorough safety check can take as long as an hour to complete and most dealers will charge an additional fee for this service. It may be inconvenient, but the propane customer is required to be home at the time of the inspection.

Why is this safety inspection necessary on out-of-gas calls?

Propane is an extremely safe energy source when used properly.
An out-of-gas situation can be caused by many things including:

1) the addition of appliances
2) excessive usage of fuel
3) new construction/additions to a building or structure
4) occupants having “will call” status and being away from home for extended periods
5) uncapped gas lines or pierced gas lines

THIS INSPECTION IS NECESSARY because any of the listed examples could be indicators of a possible system leak or change(s) in the pattern of fuel usage.

These strict out-of-gas regulations were enacted by The State of New York and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), to protect your family and property from these and other gas system problems.

We’re here to help.

Star Gas Products, Inc. wants to make sure that you always have hot water and heat for your family. By planning ahead, one can avoid the inconvenience (and cost!) of an out-of-gas call.

You can easily read your own gauge on your propane tank. Read the chart below for more information. You will have to know how many gallons that are required to run the heat, hot water or cooktop if you have one. If you are a will-call account, remember to call your propane dealer and have your tank filled before it reaches the one-quarter (25%) level.

If you place your account on an automatic delivery, your propane tank will be filled year-round and you will avoid any out-of-gas situations.

How to read your propane tank gauge.
tank gauge table