Styles of Propane Tanks

The four reasons why a particular size and type of tank is utilized include:
a) vaporization rate of the propane inside the tank
b) ease of delivery
c) frequency of delivery (based upon your needs and our delivery schedule)
d) how you actually utilize the gas (i.e. are you keeping the pool temperature at 75 degrees or 90 degrees?)

The three reasons why underground tanks are preferred are:
a) the tank itself is not visible
b) uniform vaporization of the propane in the tank, since the tank is insulated by the ground surrounding it
c) underground tanks are customer owned tanks (therefore, no minimum use fee(s) are assessed).

Location for placement of tanks:

  • 10 feet from any source of ignition (this includes the pool heater),
  • 125 feet or less from where the truck will park to make a delivery (each truck has approximately 125 feet of hose),
  • (depending upon what size and type of tank(s) are installed), the tank(s) can be located right next to a building or structure (if vertical cylinders are used), or must be located 10 feet from any building or structure (if horizontal or underground tanks are utilized).

Here are diagrams showing various codes affecting tank locations

NOTE: NFPA 101, The Life Safety Code, prohibits the installation of tanks under decks, when the decks are used for access or egress into a building or structure. Additionally, local authorities having jurisdiction (Code enforcement Officers, Fire Inspectors, or Gas Inspectors) for your city or town may have additional codes or restrictions regarding your tank and appliance installation.