6 Tips on How to Switch Propane Companies

Know Your Info—Save Some Money in the New Year by Switching Propane Providers

Read our 6 tips on how to switch propane companies and save money with Star Gas Products, Inc.
Whether you are a home or business, there are plenty of reasons to switch gas companies, service and pricing are among just a few. In 2017, become an informed consumer by knowing your account information. You might discover a new company with comparable pricing (and even better service)! A simple call to your current gas company will help you begin.

What You Need To Know To Switch Gas Companies

Find out:

1. If you own, rent, or borrow your propane tank

Own—you may need to provide proof of ownership to switch
Rent—if you end your rental agreement with your original company, you may pay a termination fee to switch.
Borrow—if your current gas company owns your tank, the new company will work out a swap/pickup plan with the old company. This is easiest when the tank is close to empty.

2. Your delivery method: automatic or will-call

Automatic delivery—A reliable, predictable choice for most customers. The propane company calculates and schedules gas deliveries based on your yearly use. This is a good way of managing monthly payments. This account does not cost anything to have but the customer must fill out a form in order to activate the account. A small price to pay to know that someone else takes care of the details.
Will Call— Are you willing to take a risk and run out of gas? The customer has control over when deliveries occur; they call the office to schedule. These types of accounts are usually for part-time occupants. There’s a higher likelihood of running out of gas if you cannot judge how fast you’ll use it on cold days or holidays. Also, if you call for a last minute delivery, you’ll be charged extra.

3. Your propane use for the year

Find out what your annual gas usage is in gallons. Cooking-only accounts use the least amount of gas and typically cost the most per gallon. If you have multiple gas appliances and use over a certain number of gallons, you may pay less per gallon.

At Star Gas Products Inc., we have a pricing schedule based on the number of gallons you use. We also offer special pre-buy pricing options for customers who are: 1) on automatic delivery, 2) have been a customer for at least one year, and 3) use over 600 gallons per year.

4. Your current propane price

Cheap propane prices don’t always equal the best propane supplier. Are you happy with your current gas price? What did you pay last winter for gas? Did it fluctuate a lot, or just a little? Do you receive good service?

5. About the latest deal from customer service representative/salesperson.

Call the new gas company and explain that you’re considering switching.
Pricing, specials, payment plans, maintenance options, and estimate costs can be given to you over the phone. Ask how often deliveries are in your area. If you leave a message, make note of how quickly you get a response. All of these details can help you make the decision to keep or change companies.

6. About fees

Ask about fees you should expect with switching companies. Do they seem fair?
New company—are there delivery fees on top of the price per gallon? Installation fees? Tank rental fees?
Old Company—is there a better time of year to switch? Will they charge you to pick up their tank or break your rental agreement

Contact us online, we’ll get you information and help you switch!

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