6 Tips on How to Switch Propane Companies

Know Your Info—Save Some Money in the New Year by Switching Propane Providers

Read our 6 tips on how to switch propane companies and save money with Star Gas Products, Inc.
Whether you are a home or business, there are plenty of reasons to switch gas companies, service and pricing are among just a few. In 2017, become an informed consumer by knowing your account information. You might discover a new company with comparable pricing (and even better service)! A simple call to your current gas company will help you begin.

What You Need To Know To Switch Gas Companies

Find out:

1. If you own, rent, or borrow your propane tank

Own—you may need to provide proof of ownership to switch
Rent—if you end your rental agreement with your original company, you may pay a termination fee to switch.
Borrow—if your current gas company owns your tank, the new company will work out a swap/pickup plan with the old company. This is easiest when the tank is close to empty.

2. Your delivery method: automatic or will-call

Automatic delivery—A reliable, predictable choice for most customers. The propane company calculates and schedules gas deliveries based on your yearly use. This is a good way of managing monthly payments. This account does not cost anything to have but the customer must fill out a form in order to activate the account. A small price to pay to know that someone else takes care of the details.
Will Call— Are you willing to take a risk and run out of gas? The customer has control over when deliveries occur; they call the office to schedule. These types of accounts are usually for part-time occupants. There’s a higher likelihood of running out of gas if you cannot judge how fast you’ll use it on cold days or holidays. Also, if you call for a last minute delivery, you’ll be charged extra.

3. Your propane use for the year

Find out what your annual gas usage is in gallons. Cooking-only accounts use the least amount of gas and typically cost the most per gallon. If you have multiple gas appliances and use over a certain number of gallons, you may pay less per gallon.

At Star Gas Products Inc., we have a pricing schedule based on the number of gallons you use. We also offer special pre-buy pricing options for customers who are: 1) on automatic delivery, 2) have been a customer for at least one year, and 3) use over 600 gallons per year.

4. Your current propane price

Cheap propane prices don’t always equal the best propane supplier. Are you happy with your current gas price? What did you pay last winter for gas? Did it fluctuate a lot, or just a little? Do you receive good service?

5. About the latest deal from customer service representative/salesperson.

Call the new gas company and explain that you’re considering switching.
Pricing, specials, payment plans, maintenance options, and estimate costs can be given to you over the phone. Ask how often deliveries are in your area. If you leave a message, make note of how quickly you get a response. All of these details can help you make the decision to keep or change companies.

6. About fees

Ask about fees you should expect with switching companies. Do they seem fair?
New company—are there delivery fees on top of the price per gallon? Installation fees? Tank rental fees?
Old Company—is there a better time of year to switch? Will they charge you to pick up their tank or break your rental agreement

Contact us online, we’ll get you information and help you switch!

Email our sales staff at:
Rich Muellerleile – rich@stargasproducts.com
Lou – lou@stargasproducts.com


New, Second Office Opening in Kingston, NY

Our new second office is now open in Kingston, NYJuly 26, 2016–POUGHKEEPSIE, NY–Star Gas Products, Inc. is hosting a Grand Opening to celebrate their new location on Saturday, August 6th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Join us at 33 Ulster Landing Road in Kingston, for music, food, face painting, bounce house, $5 initial (one-time) BBQ tank fills, gas grill raffle, & more. Employees will be available to answer any questions about propane, tank size, delivery, etc.

The Ulster Chamber of Commerce will conduct a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 a.m.

“I’m excited to bring Star Gas Products to Ulster County,” says Richard Muellerleile, President. “We’re a local based, family-run business.  We’re looking forward to better serving our customers on the west side of the Hudson. Come to the Grand Opening, have some fun, and learn about propane. See what our family can offer your family!”

Call 845-452-8400 or 845-339-8400, or visit stargasproducts.com for details, directions, or general propane information.

Star Gas Products, Inc. has been serving mid-Hudson homes and businesses with reliable propane service since 1947. Propane is their specialty, estimates are always free.

Star Gas Products, Inc. is a passionate supporter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Star Gas Products, Inc. also participates in propane education and advocacy at local, state, and national levels. Star Gas Products, Inc.  supports local fire departments by providing propane safety and preparedness training. Contact us if you would like to have your firehouse or group participate in our training program.

Winter Guidelines to Make Your Propane Delivery Easy and Fast

Read our winter delivery guidelines to make your next delivery hassle-free!If you follow this preparation list, you will have trouble-free gas delivery during the winter season. During the winter, please be sure to have a reasonably clear path for the delivery driver and his truck. Each one of these 4 guidelines has to do with accessing your propane tank.

Note that if we cannot access your tank, we cannot deliver your propane.


    Prior to snowfall, mark your tank with a stick or flag.
    Most drivers are responsible the same route. However, an alternate driver may cover your route.
    Vehicles, debris, snow, ice, tree branches, and overgrown bushes can all impede your delivery from taking place. Note that truck dimensions are 10 feet high, 10 wide and 30 feet long (minimum dimensions).
    Drivers do not carry tools to dig out tanks.
    Snow and ice against the tank can adversely affect how the fuel feeds into your home.


    A gas line can be crimped or broken if icicles are allowed to form on a gas line.
    Please do not store garbage or other items on/near the tank, lines or meters.

Your driver will do his best to make your delivery as efficient as possible. When inclement weather is expected, we strive to make as many deliveries as is needed.

Please call our office to reschedule a delivery if necessary.

In the case of severe weather, we do close the office for the safety of our staff. We will call you to reschedule any service appointments.

Emergency fuel deliveries are made on a case-by-case basis and will incur a special trip delivery fee if warranted. Avoid out-of-gas situations by becoming an auto-delivery(budget) customer.

Propane Safety Awareness

Monday, April 27, 2015—Rich Muellerleile of Star Gas Products, Inc. and Dave Walsh, DCC Fire Science instructor, hosted an LP Gas (Propane) Safety Awareness class at the Pleasant Valley Fire Department in Pleasant Valley, New York. A total of thirty-nine local Dutchess Community College students and firefighters participated in the training. Students were a part of Dutchess Community College’s Fire Behavior & Combustion class. Fire fighters from Pleasant Valley and other townships were in attendance.

Instruction included indoors lecture, discussion, and outdoor demonstrations:

  • physical properties and vapor pressures of propane
  • propane tank and regulator types and characteristics
  • outside demonstrations (of low pressure, high pressure, tank pressure and liquid propane releases)

The firematic portion of the class included:

    • demonstration(s) of proper water disbursement on metal surfaces
    • the effects of heat on metal surfaces
    • videos of actual propane incidents
    • proper procedures for addressing propane leaks and incidents

To have a propane safety class held for your fire department or office, please contact Rich Muellerleile at 845-452-8400.

Find out more about Dutchess Community College’s fire science program by visiting their website.

Hurricane Preparedness Expo

July 27, 2013–We’re participating in a Hurricane Preparedness Expo at Home Depot in Poughkeepsie this Saturday. The following participants will be there with us to answer any questions you may have: DC Risk Management (911), DC Sheriff’s Dept, Town of Poughkeepsie Police Dept., Town of Poughkeepsie Water & Sewer, Central Hudson, St. Francis Hospital Emergency Response, Dutchess County SPCA, NYS Fire Science & Safety, Fairview Fire District Group 3, American Red Cross, National Guard, and Home Depot’s staff. Bring your family and friends…we’ll be there! If you cannot make it and have any questions, feel free to stop by our office or call us.

Scholarship Opportunity

College Foundation Funds New Scholarship with Aid from New York Propane Gas Association
New York Propane Gas Association and Hudson Valley Community College
December 17, 2010
For More Information Contact:
Deborah Renfrew
(518) 629-7180

Press Release

The Hudson Valley Community College Foundation announced a new scholarship funded by a gift of $12,000 from the New York Propane Gas Association (NYPGA) for students enrolled full time in the college’s Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technical Services (HVAC/R) Program.

Four $1,500 scholarships will be awarded in fall 2011 to help provide more qualified, well- trained technicians to meet the labor needs of the growing propane industry, particularly in upstate New York. Recipients will be second-year, full-time HVAV/R students who demonstrate financial need, with preference given to those interested in propane technology. Students who maintain enrollment in the program may renew the scholarship for their final semester.

Approved as an alternative, clean fuel by both the National Energy Policy Act of 1992 and the Clean Air Act of 1990, propane is currently in use in nearly five million households in the U.S. for heating. That number is growing nationwide and especially in New York State, according to NYPGA. Propane gives off minimal emissions when burned and is not harmful in the ground or waterways.

Hudson Valley’s HVAC/R program, known for its unique combination of lecture and hands-on training in state-of-the-art laboratories, prepares students to enter the industry with a background in design, installation and service of commercial and residential heating and cooling systems.

“It is a thrill for the Foundation to form this new partnership with the New York Propane Gas Association,” said Rachel M. Kimmelblatt, chief financial officer for the Hudson Valley Community College Foundation. “This gift will help a Capital Region industry by facilitating the training of its labor force.”
PO Box 760, Clifton Park, NY 12065

NYPGA is a member-focused trade organization providing services that communicate, educate and promote the propane industry in New York. The association was formed in 1948 to offer opportunities for training and networking with peers, and to aid with legislative issues that contribute to operating a safe and successful industry.
“The New York Propane Gas Association Scholarship at Hudson Valley represents the first award that we will establish at community colleges to train new technicians in the safe storage, handling and use of propane so they can join hundreds of industry personnel educated under the industry’s extensive training programs throughout the country,” said Joseph Porco, president of the association.

He credited the industry’s Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) for funding that provides each state with rebates based on its use of propane and its contribution to PERC. “More funding will be forthcoming if New York approves a similar program known as Empire PERC,” Porco continued.

Anyone interested in establishing a scholarship can call the Hudson Valley Community College Foundation at (518) 629-8012 or visit www.hvcc.edu/giving/scholarships.html.
The Hudson Valley Community College Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable corporation, formed in 1983 to philanthropically support the college’s mission. Gifts to the Foundation from alumni, corporations and friends are used to enhance programs, facilities and scholarship opportunities at the college.

Founded in 1953, Hudson Valley Community College offers more than 70 associate’s degree and certificate programs in four schools: Business; Engineering and Industrial Technologies; Health Sciences; and Liberal Arts and Sciences; and workforce and academic preparation programs offered through the Educational Opportunity Center. One of 30 community colleges in the State University of New York system, Hudson Valley has an enrollment of more than 14,000 students, and it is known as a leader in distance learning initiatives and workforce training. Hudson Valley has more than 65,000 alumni.

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