Propane Safety Awareness

Monday, April 27, 2015—Rich Muellerleile of Star Gas Products, Inc. and Dave Walsh, DCC Fire Science instructor, hosted an LP Gas (Propane) Safety Awareness class at the Pleasant Valley Fire Department in Pleasant Valley, New York. A total of thirty-nine local Dutchess Community College students and firefighters participated in the training. Students were a part of Dutchess Community College’s Fire Behavior & Combustion class. Fire fighters from Pleasant Valley and other townships were in attendance.

Instruction included indoors lecture, discussion, and outdoor demonstrations:

  • physical properties and vapor pressures of propane
  • propane tank and regulator types and characteristics
  • outside demonstrations (of low pressure, high pressure, tank pressure and liquid propane releases)

The firematic portion of the class included:

    • demonstration(s) of proper water disbursement on metal surfaces
    • the effects of heat on metal surfaces
    • videos of actual propane incidents
    • proper procedures for addressing propane leaks and incidents

To have a propane safety class held for your fire department or office, please contact Rich Muellerleile at 845-452-8400.

Find out more about Dutchess Community College’s fire science program by visiting their website.

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